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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Domain promotion in Technical; Hi All, i have created a child domain for our new w7 network and 2008 R2 servers. Our existing network ...
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    Domain promotion

    Hi All,

    i have created a child domain for our new w7 network and 2008 R2 servers. Our existing network (2003 CC3) is going but is currently the forest root (Parent Domain)

    so structure is xxxx.internal (parent) and child is xxx.xxxx.internal.

    All working nicely but one (big) thing i didn't think about was after the migration..... i no longer want any trace of cc3 or 2003 server in our school.

    can i promote the new child domain to be the parent ? and delete the old one ?

    i know i will have to tidy dns zones etc but I've already moved dns and dhcp roles to the new 2008r2 dc so shouldn't be too hard ??

    any help or ideas please give me a shout.

    many thanks in advance

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    You should of created a second domain in the same forest and not a child domain, of an existing domain in a single forest.

    You can then create a trust between the two domains and transfer the required information.

    To my knowledge, you cannot promote a child domain to the forest root. The only way would be to destroy the child domain and start again with a new domain (in the forest root).

    I'd wait until someone else agrees or disagrees with me, in case 2008 R2 has a new funky way of getting around this.

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