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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, ServerManagerCMD in Technical; Hi all, Can someone help me just check this will work as I am looking to make a few batch ...
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    Hi all,

    Can someone help me just check this will work as I am looking to make a few batch files to install some roles and features in 2008R2 Server and have accediently deleted my iso of the 2008R2 server so am downlaoding anew one now but in the mean time does anyone now if the following would work if used in a batch file, I am following several artciles on MS TechNet, What it should install is in brackets...

    (Web Server IIS)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install -allSubFeatures Web-Server
    (File Services: Resource Manager)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install FS-Resource-Manager
    (File Services: Windows Search)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install FS-Search-Service
    (File Services: Windows Server 2003 File Services)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install FS-Win2003-Services
    (Application Server)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install -allSubFeatures Application-Server
    (Certifiacte Services)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install AD-Certificate
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install ADCS-Cert-Authority
    (.NET Framework 3.5 Features)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install -allSubFeatures NET-Framework
    (Windows System Resource Manager)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install WSRM
    (Wireless Networking)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install Wireless-Networking
    (Windows Server Backup)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install Backup
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install WINS
    (Remote Assistance)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install Remote-Assistance
    (Simple TCP over IP Services)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install Simple-TCPIP
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install BITS
    (Message Queing)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install -allSubFeatures MSMQ
    (Windows Internal Database)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install Windows-Internal-DB
    (Remote Server Administration Tools)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install -allSubFeatures RSAT
    (Windows Powershell)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install PowerShell
    (Group Policy Management)
    "%systemRoot%\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe" -install GPMC
    Thanks in advance,
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