So, clever people. I've got Server 2008 R2 up and running, everything's fine. PXE boot stopped working, but I'm pondering that in the background. What I'd like to do is set up RDP for thin client sessions, get some office staff using it for their work so I can shadow them if problems arise, etc. Now, I know it's bad to use your AD server for RDP. I've had that hammered at my face by my trusty (and as yet unused Server 2008 book). So, I was thinking about slapping Server 2008 on another machine (our old server). It currently has server 2000 on it, but I'm sure I can figure out the formatting/RAID config to get Server 2008 installed. What I don't want to do is plug a network cable in and have it start fighting with our proper server. So, can anyone offer any advice/guidance/experience on setting up a second server to use for RDP sessions? Grateful for any nuggets, links, whatever. Thank you!