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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Syncing profile error in Technical; Hi, this is a Windows 7 and Server 2008 based issue. I have noticed on a number of my windows ...
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    Angry Syncing profile error

    Hi, this is a Windows 7 and Server 2008 based issue.
    I have noticed on a number of my windows 7 clients, when they log out of a domain user account, as the system displays "Logging Off" If also shows something about not being able to sync the profile to the server.

    I have checked the event logs and there are three User Profile items in the logs. Two are warning and one is an error.
    In order of log off, the first says:
    Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded now. The applications or services that hold your registry file may not function properly afterwards.

    DETAIL -
    1 user registry handles leaked from \Registry\User\S-1-5-21-188525147-1317717049-3302282862-1169:
    Process 128 (\Device\HarddiskVolume2\Windows\System32\svchost. exe) has opened key \REGISTRY\USER\S-1-5-21-188525147-1317717049-3302282862-1169\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LinksBar
    The next warning says:
    Windows cannot copy file \\?\UNC\bgfiadmsvr\Profile$\useraccount.V2\ to location \\?\C:\Users\useraccount\. This error may be caused by network problems or insufficient security rights.

    DETAIL - The specified network name is no longer available.
    And lastly, the error reads:
    Windows Windows cannot update your roaming profile completely. Check previous events for more details.

    THe middle warning is of most interest to me as it appears although the client is unable to copy part of the profile to its own drive.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

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    Hi there,
    0.1) check the Network connectivity
    1)try redirecting desktop and mydocs to home folder
    2) see if there any TMP profiles are created on the user's computer.


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