Hi All,

We are currently using GPOs to map printers but would prefer to use Group policy Preferences (not least because Server 2008R2/W7 combination seems keen on having printers "follow" the user instead of just mapping the printers in the relevant OU) to allow much more flexibility in targetting.

The problem that we've come across in testing is that GPP seems limited to spooling print jobs on the local workstation (and not on the print server). This is particularly troublesome where there are multiple computers in one location (i.e. an IT suite). If a dodgy print job blocks the queue then other users cannot print to the same printer until it is cleared. The problem being that the local queue where the dodgy print job is can only be seen on the local machine and, therefore, cannot be cleared by any other user.

Obviously it is important that staff can delete student print jobs as necessary. Any suggestions as to how to deal with this? or is it just a limitation of GPPs that we would have to live with?

Any help gratefully received!