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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Network Printer Server 2008 R2 in Technical; Hi All, Just thought I would end the thread by letting everyone know that I have fixed the printer issue ...
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    Hi All,

    Just thought I would end the thread by letting everyone know that I have fixed the printer issue by setting up a x86 Server 2008 machine. All the drivers and printer now map a treat using a VB logon script.

    It seems that Server 2008 R2 can simply not be used as a print server for x86 win 7 clients, very wierd!

    Thanks everyone for your help.

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    We twice have had problems with deployed printers. The printer is still there but doesn't print when you click on the Ports tab of said printer there are no ports listed, other printers had ports. Today I found occasion where user had two printers and no ports on either a restart sorted the issue.

    We use Print Deployment under 2008 R2 . Previously I'd tried moving the printer to a different server and that didn't sort the issue either. We use Preferences to set the default printer, maybe this is causing conflicts.

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    I know this post hasn't been active for a while, but i had the same problems as most on this forum and spent a long time trying to diagnose the issue. I eventually found a microsoft hotfix Kb2748246 for windows 7 machines :

    "The Specified port is unknown" error message when you use GPP to deploy printers to a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

    and here is a link on how to deploy hotfix Kb2748246 as its not in the a wsus catalogue !!! Grrr

    I spent ages trying to solve this problem so im hoping this post might help others cos it was really frustrating for me. Feel free to repost if you feel it will help in other threads.

  4. Thanks to Chunks_ from:

    jc1875 (31st January 2013)

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