This task has been forced on us by a rather nasty OSx schema update which was performed in 2005....

To cut a long story short we have a 2003 network which we were planning on performing the standard in place upgrade to 2008R2 with ADPrep etc and everything was going to go fantastically smoothly

ADPrep fails to run due to some lovely named schema objects, unfortunately renaming these works to a point where ADPrep works, but unfortunately the changes then fail to replicate from the Schema master to any other server :s.

Luckily this was all carried out in the sandbox environment so we still have a working network. The issue now comes with the best course of action. We are mulling over the idea of a complete rebuild of the network which is an enourmous task and only seems to get bigger when you sit down and plan the actions required to ensure a smooth transition.

Has anyone here done this and got any advice or words of caution on how to proceed??? Currently our plan of action is to plan, then plan some more and build the network in a sandbox and migrate the databases for the softwares over during the closedown period.

What tools are useful for this scenario?

Has anyone had any luck with failed ADPrep issues? ADSIEdit shows the conflicting entries but it is a complete hack to get them to rename, ie you have to use an LDIF tool to tell the schema an update is in progress so it will allow you to edit the entries in ADSIEdit!!!?!?!

Hope someone can help!