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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Redirecting Downloads Folder in Technical; Another small yet really annoying issue that I've come across but cannot find a solution online. The "Downloads" folder is ...
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    Redirecting Downloads Folder

    Another small yet really annoying issue that I've come across but cannot find a solution online. The "Downloads" folder is one of the biggest culprits for causing slow profiles on our network. I'm looking for a way to redirect this to be within the users home directory which isn't synced to the server like the profile data is on logon. Anyone got any ideas?

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    Isn't it under User configuration > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection > Downloads? Then set it to \\server\share\user\downloads?

    Presuming you're using Group Policy to manage these things.

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    You can remove the downloads folder very easily and sneaky aswell, if you are not using the Default User Profile V2 then start using it awsome feature. Linky

    Once you have implemented this, you will see the annoying folders where you copied the user profile. All you have to do is do the old "Hidden" attribute by right clicking and ticking "Hidden" and that will propergate to your users profile when they log in (This is only done when a user logs in for the first time to a computer that hasnt got a user profile for them, for any of your existing users delete there profile on the PC's). You will then need to do a registry fix to change the default download location on IE (Thats if you need and want too) again another linky.

    Hope this helps

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