I'm having a few problems getting peoples folders red-directed. I have redirected the AppData folders on GP so that I can add PST files to peoples profiles so that outlook / exchange will be setup and ready to go when they login, however on the server I cant access the folders for appdata it says that I dont have rights and when I take Ownership of the file it corrupts the profile

It's setup like this:

User: Test
Redirects to another drive on the server under a folder created when they login as there username so the folder is called "test" and everything in it is what I cannot access, however I need to to be able for outlook to work and I want to be able to see what they are saving to there folders.

Documents folder is re-directed to the same folder but under the "test" then "Documents" I can access that just not the AppData folder. I've set it up in ADUC on the Profile Tab of the user account and set the directory of the profile to point to the corresponding drive on the server, and so it maps a drive when they login to there home directory which holds the appdata and documents folders.

Any advice ??