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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Scripted user migration from forest/domain to newforest/newdomain in Technical; Hi All, I'm hoping one of you might have access to some nice powershell scripting, or have experience in using ...
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    Scripted user migration from forest/domain to newforest/newdomain

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping one of you might have access to some nice powershell scripting, or have experience in using a nice little utility that I might be able to use instead of a rather manual process!

    I have approx 1000 users on a domain (schoool/school.la.sch.uk) and would like to migrate them to a new forest/domain (school.internal/.com) - ideally scripted to be able to achieve the following:

    • Move AD users
    • Copy user home directory from \\legacyFS\d$\users\IntakeYear\Username to \\newFS\D$\users\IntakeYear\Username - preferably with permissions intact
    • Retain @school.la.sch.uk address in legacy user AD properties
    • Add %username%@school.com account as the default account in user AD properties

    If anyone knows a way of doing the main migration and file permissions but not the other stuff, I'll be happy with that. I can just use ADModify to do the Exchange/User Property bits

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    Take a look at the ADMT (Active Directory Migration Tool) by Microsoft. It will do all of the users. I'm unsure about the files though.

    I created a logon script to copy the files into the users new home directory location at first logon (so that each user would still be the owner of their files for quota reasons). I can probably dig out the old script I used if it would be of any help?

    The ADMT is a bit fiddly to set up correctly but once its done it makes life alot easier.

    Edit : Link to ADMT 3.2 (Mods/Admins please remove if links are not allowed)
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    1. For the file copy, you can use something like RoboCopy which will copy across the files and ACL's too.
    2. If using the ADMT, you can keep the SIDHistory which will allow these users to access te newly copied file.

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