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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, How easy is it to manage Microsoft Exchange in Technical; I think it would be great if people could just get up of their seats and actually engage in a ...
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    I think it would be great if people could just get up of their seats and actually engage in a 'conversation ' - remember those ?
    I'm sure the way schools are carrying on a the moment kids in 20 years time will start to lose the use of their tongue.
    E-mail this, E-mail that - pathetic, yet another way in which teachers don't have to engage the kids.
    I have no problem in E-mail for staff etc - makes perfect sense but for the kids it's pointless and really I can't see how it benefits them apart from excuses for not doing homework..... must be spam, contain a virus, wrong format, computer at home does not work, ISP not working etc etc etc.

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    Put the twittering classes in charge of educational "vision" and of course all the tosh they waste half their paid work and home lives on, the social networking banality (thank you Helen Wright!) is suddenly absolutely, extremely, definitely very important. History will look back and laugh.. well assuming we haven't produced so many generations of slackers that they're incapable of keeping the lights on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PiqueABoo View Post

    If you have got Exchange then: How patched is it? Is it on a decent UPS? Are the UPS settings sensible e.g. allow for how long it takes to shut down gracefully and don't try to start it up again until there enough battery oomph for the normal startup time and another graceful shutdown (plus wriggle room)? When was it last backed up? Have you verified, as in actually tried from start to finish, restoring a DB to recovery storage with your current backup s/w?
    Our exchange server is virtual, built on VMware ESXi. The hosts are each connected to smart UPS batteries. You can either use a script, or Vsphere management assistant to safely shut all of your servers down before the UPS runs out of battery.

    We backup daily using Veeam for our entire virtual estate. It's first class. You can restore individual emails, entire mailboxes or the entire virtual server in a matter of minutes.

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