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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Centrally Stored Policy Definitions in Technical; I have a policydefinitions folder created in C:\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions , with also a language specific sub folder (en-us). At the root ...
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    Centrally Stored Policy Definitions

    I have a policydefinitions folder created in C:\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions, with also a language specific sub folder (en-us).

    At the root of the folder (PolicyDefinitions) houses all the .admx templates whilst the language specific folder has the .adml files (I know you already know all of this but I thought I'd mention it for my own sake).

    My school is looking to implement Office 2010 sometime soon (summer hols) so in anticipation of this I have downloaded the GPO templates for Office. Is there a way I can place the Office templates in a separate folder so that it doesn't get mixed up with the Windows 7 templates? E.g. I place the office templates in C:\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions\Office 2010 (for .admx) and C:\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions\Office 2010\en-us (for .adml) and it will still be displayed in the GPMC? (I probably doubt it)

    One other thing, as it currently stands, when I edit any random GPO the Office templates are displayed whatever the circumstances, which I don't want it to. Am I better off just using the .adm templates as this can be GPO specific, i.e. available in one particular GPO, rather than made broadly available in literally every GPO?

    I hope this all makes sense to you all as I've just hastily written it.

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    AFAIK - No know can't - All the ADMX files need to be in the PolicyDefinitions folder, and all ADML files need to be in the relevant language subdirectory. At the end of the day, the files have different names anyway, so easy to see which are for which product.

    The office templates will show in all GPOs when using a central repository. I'm unsure as to why this is a problem for your implementation however? Having those settings shown or not doesn't change how the GPO works. If you just add the old ADM files, then you're increasing your GPO bloat (e.g. each ADM file is copied to the GPO it is assigned to), the point of the central store is to do away with GPO bloat and have just one copy of the setting reference in one place - hence it being available in all GPOs from the central repository is far better than assigning the old style GPO and increasing replication traffic.

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