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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Long Term problem finally resolved!! in Technical; After about 6 months, I have finally resolved a porblem I was having with my SCCM Server where the OS ...
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    Long Term problem finally resolved!!

    After about 6 months, I have finally resolved a porblem I was having with my SCCM Server where the OS would not fully load and about 95% of services were stopped and there was no Network communication at all

    Every Monday I have had to:

    Goto the server
    Power it off
    Power it back on
    wait 5 mins til it checked everything
    Go into Safe Mode (took about 20 mins as it rolled back the updates (even if there were none!)
    Wait another 15-20 mins whilst it again rolled back the updates
    Log in as normal!

    No idea why this was happening but it was getting to be a right royal PITA!

    Anyway, over the weekend I cam across an article on the net somewhere, where someone had had a similar prob to me
    Solution: Rerun setup and "upgrade" the server to the same edition that is currently installed - this effectively acts like a OS Repair

    So this morning, after going through my usual monday morning routine, I tried it..

    And it worked!!

    Server has had 3 reboots and all (except one which I am looking into...) services have started as expected!

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    I love the feeling of a long term problem getting solved. I managed to get e-mail signatures here to work after about 18 months of wondering why it always defaulted back to no signature every time you re-opened Outlook... then last month, clicking about for something completely unrelated, suddenly noticed the *.PRF file in the staff profile area, had a look, realised Outlook was overwriting the default profile every time and if I just changed one line, everything suddenly started working.

    Just a magical feeling when it happens!

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