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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, hyper V failover clustering in Technical; Im running hyperV in failover clustering and it works well. However in my testing, when taking a node offline, and ...
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    hyper V failover clustering

    Im running hyperV in failover clustering and it works well. However in my testing, when taking a node offline, and the VMs live migrate to another host, I cant figure out a way to have them automatically move back once the host comes back up.

    Is it possible?

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    Yes - Open Failover Cluster Manager, expand Services & Applications. Right-click your VM and choose Properties. On the Failover tab, there is an option to allow Failback. This will cause the service to fail back to the most preferred owner, which you can set on the General tab.

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    Would love to see a guide or something written about this.

    At the moment I have an offline hyper-v machine with all my manually exported machines on it.

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    One of the problems we encountered in the early days with failover was node capacity.
    It's very easy to get carried away with failover.
    Assuming Node B fails and all VMs have been designated where do they failover to?

    You need to be choosy as to which VMs you designate as failover capable or ensure you have enough targets to fail over to!
    We gave up on 2 node clusters because of this, minimum of 3 nodes here in any config.

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