Need some advice I have now for some time have 2 new 2008r2 64bit servers which are acting as DNS, DHCP (Split Scope), DC both 64bit

I have moved all FMSO roles over to the new DC1 server, the only role left on my windows 2003 is DC and CA

I dont want to demote it from its dc role just yet. But i'm going through this nice document M$ have released on planning and migrating CA roles to a different server. M$ really over complicate things which to be fair i do understand they have to sometimes.

Now I have backup my CA from my 2003 server and i have also copied the c:\windows\system32\certsvr folder

as i want dc1 to take over the role of what my prev server did

what is the best way can i just install the new role on the dc1 and then perform a restore on dc1 select the back file and let it import - or is that to easy to ask for

and then remove both roles from ntserver CA role and demote