Hi all,

We've just replaced our two Server 2003 Domain Controllers with brand new servers running Server 2008 R2. Everything is running fine however my colleague has just noticed something slightly weird about the "Don't run specified Windows Applications" and "Run only specified Windows Applications" lists. In GPMC, if you click on our group policy which deals with these lists and then click on the "Settings tab" in the right pane and "Show All", you can see what is in both the lists. If you right-click the policy and "Edit" it, expand "User Configuration", "Policies", "Administrative Templates", "System" and then double click the "Don't run specified Windows applications" and press the "Show..." button, it lists all the disallowed applications. If you double click the "Run only specified Windows Applications" and click "Sjhow..." the list is empty! We're a bit loathsome to add anything to it in case that then becomes the only entry in the list. Has anyone else got this?

Thank you