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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Cluster Validation consistantly failing on Storage tests in Technical; Really struggling with the cluster validation as part of the process of setting up failover clustering for use with HyperV. ...
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    Cluster Validation consistantly failing on Storage tests

    Really struggling with the cluster validation as part of the process of setting up failover clustering for use with HyperV.

    I am consistantly getting 1 of 2 errors every time I run the storage tests - every other set of tests pass.

    I either get:

    Failed to attach disk with ID {de6d1f59-01e2-4864-af26-8f044f78e41b} from node servername (error Incorrect function.
    ). Please retry after restarting servername.


    Disk with id {de6d1f59-01e2-4864-af26-8f044f78e41b} is only visible from one node. This disk is not eligible for cluster validation.

    I'm pretty sure i've got the iSCSI settings correct as I can see the disk in Disk Managment, offline ready for the validation to test it, but it still fails.

    Despite following the instructions to restart the server and try again I am still having the issue.

    In the storage array (Dell PV MD3200i) i've got 2 controllers and while the tests are being carried on I have observed the virtual disk moving backwards and forwards between controllers - I'm sure this has something to do with it but I don't know why...

    Can anybody point me in the right direction

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    Have you got the Volume on the storage configured to allow multiple iSCSI connections? Also how are you connecting to if from the guest OS, it it mapped through hyper-v as a physical disk or using a windows inbuilt iSCSI connection?


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    Do you have multiple iSCSI sessions configured from each host for MPIO?

    Incorrect function usually occurs when the virtual disk is on the non-preferred controller (part of failover testing) and the host doesnt have a path to the disk, either physically or through iSCSI sessions.

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