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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, 2008 R2 Print Server - any issues? in Technical; Just had a quick read around Google about using 2008 as a print server then remembered R2 is x64 only. ...
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    2008 R2 Print Server - any issues?

    Just had a quick read around Google about using 2008 as a print server then remembered R2 is x64 only. I've never been keen on x64 for printers due to drivers and then I see these links right at the top of the search results...

    Slow performance when you try to print, when you open the printer properties, or when you open the printer preferences

    How To Add 32bit Printer Drivers to a x64 Windows 2008 Print Server

    If that reflects the aggro I'd have using 2008 R2 I think I'll stick with my 2003 R2 x86 server for printers as it just works!

    Would be interested to know if anyone with a mainly HP fleet has made the jump and whether those horror stories are true before I go for it in summer

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    yes almost all my schools are all hp (unless they have damned copiers) dont have many issues with printers themselves or drivers just odd ones of sometimes a pc/user dosent get the printers but short of manually installing printers on every pc thats normal (imo anyway). It can help to have a 32bit win7 install for some drivers that are inbuilt so you can add the 32 bit ones but other than that no major issues

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    I use 2008R2 as a printer server and apart from one problem its been plain sailing. This was using all Xerox Phaser printers.

    The issue I have is that I can't seem to use any other snmp name on the printer port than 'public'. If I change it on the printer and the port on the server the machine goes offline. Not really troubleshooted it as its no biggie at the moment but could be an issue if you have different snmp names and you have the same problem as us.

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