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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, How to setup a windows server 2008 in Technical; Hi, I am a RM based school and would like to start to learn the process of setting up my ...
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    How to setup a windows server 2008


    I am a RM based school and would like to start to learn the process of setting up my own domain, including package deployment with windows server 2008?

    Is their any books I can use to assit my learning curve?

    Any recommendations?


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    Loads of info online - though the best place to start would probably be here on EduGeek
    There is also a wealth on info over at www.windows-noob.com or even TechNet

    Plenty of books available - including MS Press Resource Kits

    Sorry if its vague, but I simply learnt "on the fly" and then go hunting online if I need to...

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    I have RM network here as well, and started testing new vanilla domain. Setting up a domain on windows 2008 is really simple, just install it and run dcpromo, but later becoming bit more complicated. You need to create right GPOs, so for example all your users got right proxy, get my documents redirection for it to go on the server, rather than on local machine etc. It is all doable, takes a bit of time, but practise gives you best way to learn. If you have virtual environment, it makes all even simpler.
    For package deployment you can use GPO based deployment with MSI, some thing can be used with Cameyo (Cameyo | Free Application Virtualization) and you can use MS System Centre Configuration Manager - it is bit a bitch to install, but apparently it is worth it (it is used for more things than just package deployment).
    IMO the best to learn is to try it

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