Hi. We've recently installed DPM 2010 (trialing at the moment) on our new network to provide us with the backup solution. At the moment, I've installed the agent on our two file servers and think its great so far. It backs up to an iSCSI disk on another physical server running FREENAS. It all seems to work fine except several times a day, under 'Management' > Agents it shows unavailable and I get the following emails:

"DPM failed to communicate with fileserv1.domain because the computer is unreachable. "

"The protection agent operation failed because it could not communicate with fileserv1.domain"

I have turned off firewalls on both the DPM server and the clients I am backing up.

Sometimes if i right click on the agent and click refresh information, it changes to 'OK'.

Which means our backups aren't guaranteed and some synchronizations do not occur.

Any help would be much appreciated.