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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Corrupt OU in Technical; Had a bit of a strange issue the past few days. all PCs in just one OU (Science) have been ...
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    Corrupt OU

    Had a bit of a strange issue the past few days. all PCs in just one OU (Science) have been having real trouble applying Group Policies (Both User and Computer). Basically the PCs are freezing during bootup before the logon screen while applying policies, Sometimes its when applying startup scripts, sometimes when applying loopback policies etc but it is quite random. If the PCs do manage to make it to the logon screen then it allows users to logon but no User policies are applied eg no network drives, no scripts, no IE settings, no Control Panel lockdown, no group policy Preferences etc. We couldnt find anything in the event viewer on the clients or the Domain Controller so I am kind of stumped.

    We spent the last two days taking policies away from that OU one by one and testing until we realised that it didnt matter which ones were linked, it just wouldnt work. We have the same GPOs attached to other OUs which work just fine and the same users can use those other PCs with no problem. In the end we found the only fix was to create a new OU and move the PCs into that which has sorted the problem.

    However, I am curious what might have caused this and how it can affect just one OU. I am not worried for now because its sorted but I have major concerns that this might reoccur somewhere else and I am wondering if anyone knows anything i can investigate or try to get me further info? this has had me running round like a madman!!!

    any help hugely appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Can you move a test machine to that OU if it still exisits? If it does, then I will try RCA for you.


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