Hi, I have an issue with an address that is coming up in the GAL - i'll go through how this came to be, to give you a better indication of the issue.


We used to have a system in which users would email a public folder named 'helpdesk' - this was linked to the email address helpdesk@domain.local, now last week, i decided to move this public folder to a user account - I disabled mail on the public folder, then created a user 'helpdesk' and assigned the email address 'helpdesk@domain.local', I then migrated all the messages over to the new account - if you are wondering why I wanted a user as opposed to a public folder, it is to take advantage of the shared calendars and Sharepoint integration that a user account would offer. this part is all working fine - the issue is that in the GAL for end users they can see two entries for Helpdesk, the new user account with the correct email address, and the old public folder with the address helpdesk1@domain.local.

I dont understand why this still shows up as the folder is still mail disabled, and you cant actually email the address as it bounces back...

I need to sort this out as quite often users are clicking on the wrong address and getting a bounce