Experiencing a strange one at school - Over the summer, we moved onto a new server running Server 2008.

In our computer room we have 2 HP Businessjet 1100n printers that we decided to deploy via GPO. We used pushprinterconnection and the clients involved (XP) picked up the two printers.

From using them however, we have found that when a client prints something, in certain instances parts of the page are not printed. For example, if you type a sentence in Word then it prints out fine. However, if you draw a shape (eg speech bubble) and type a sentence inside, only the sentence is printed. The speech bubble just disappears. Our school uses a lot of the 2Simple software packages and the same seems to happen in them. Certain graphics are printed, others are missed.

To test what was going on, I set up another client and instead of deploying a printer to it via GPO, I manually installed it, setting the port to the printer's IP address. This worked perfectly - everything prints fine. Am I right though in thinking that doing things this way would mean that I can't manage the print queue centrally?

Anyone got any ideas?