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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Virtual Plan Advice in Technical; Originally Posted by jtotheb Couldn't you run the host on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2? There's no licence cost to potentially ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtotheb View Post
    Couldn't you run the host on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2? There's no licence cost to potentially worry about then.
    I don't think that Hyper-V server helps as far as licensing is concerned. From my research over the last day, it does not offer anything over and above what Server Standard offers - that is even with Windows Server 2008R2 Standard, you get 1+1 licenses (1 physical+1 virtual). One for the virtual environment and another license for the physical server solely for the single role of hosting virtual machines. From my understanding, if the physical server does more than support Hyper-V (as ours does), then it will need a license in its own right.

    Enterprise gets 1+4 (1 physical + 4 virtual) licenses per server, Data Centre is unlimited but per processor. With Enterprise, one of the virtual licenses could be allocated to the physical processor to allow that to run other server roles, so Enterprise in this scenario would cover physical full server + 3 VM's.

    So for us, moving to 3 virtual servers plus a physical server hosting low demand roles, then Enterprise licensing seems to be the most economical way of doing this as we can redeploy our existing Standard server license in the future. Thanks to p-dave for highlighting this option to me.


    Question. Not being at the machine right now, how easy is it to physically redeploy/reactivate the new license key to our physical server so that our server gets all the same volume license key? Our standard server key is different as it was supplied from a different supplier. Can I literally just change the product key and reactivate without rebooting?

    Another question. How difficult would it be to upgrade our physical standard server installation to enterprise? IIRC this will allow more than 4 processors to be deployed to the virtual machines.
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    The Hyper-V licensing works as follows (Went virtual in the summer)

    Enterprise License = Host + 4 VM's - licensed per physical server, irregardless of CPU count (i believe you can also purchase 2 x Enterprise licenses and run 1 host with 8 VM's and license in this manner 3 License = 1 Host 12 VM etc...)
    Datacentre Licenses = Host + Unlimited VM's - Licensed per CPU Socket and tends to be more cost effective.

    Some observations regarding the plans -
    Personally i would not bother seperating WSUS and WDS, seeing as you are sharing CPU / Network bandwidth etc... Put them both on the same server.
    You MUST HAVE the PDC outside of the virtual enviroment, if the Hyper-V hosts (which are Windows based, domain joined servers dont forget) cannot see the PDC they will not launch the VM's
    Your DC servers may as well perform the DNS role - and DHCP to be fair (use AD Integration to save managing multiple servers / replication issues)

    Remember to leave breathing space on the servers, we have 3 x 8 core 2.66Ghz /w 36Gb RAM each - we have made sure ALL of the Hyper-V machines have 30-40% RAM unused, in the case that a Hyper-V host falls over, the VM's can move to the other 2 servers. If you have no RAM spare on the others, they will refuse to fire up.

    We currently have 3 servers with 24 VM's running no issues. Hosting DC's, DNS, DHCP, IIS, Remote Desktop Services, Exchange and SQL (+ other stuff )

    Hope the info helps.
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