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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, connection on reboot in Technical; We have 3 servers (2 physical and 1 VM) - 'vmhost' - 1 physical server running 2008 std R2 (with ...
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    connection on reboot

    We have 3 servers (2 physical and 1 VM) -

    'vmhost' - 1 physical server running 2008 std R2 (with Hyper-V) and is not domained
    'srvr1' - 1 VM on vmhost running 2008 std R2 and set up as DC/DNS/DHCP
    'srvr2' - 1 physical server running 2008 std and set up as DC/DNS

    If we ever need to reboot vmhost (which of course takes out srvr1), it always has a network connection issue when logged in again - even tho it has a static IP and looks for DNS server 'srvr2'.
    Surely that should work, shouldnt it?

    Eventually, it will connect again but only after much messing around.
    Does vmhost need to be domained? I wouldnt have thought it would need it

    Anyone got any thought on this?

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    I'd agree with your initial thoughts, vmhost doesn't need to be domained and should be quite happy to grab an IP from srvr2 at boot.

    Having said that grab a quiet time and stick vmhost on the domain, reboot it and see what happens.

    *Is the static IP for vmhost reserved on srvr2?
    *Which is the original (first) DC out of srvr1 and srvr2? If it is srvr1 then perhaps there is an AD replication issue during the reboot process? Since AD can be closely tied to DNS, maybe this is the issue??
    *Nothing to do with the network card settings on vmhost is it? - What VM s/w do you use?
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