Ok this problem isn't 2008 R2 specific, but was unsure of the best fit.

Let me try to explain.

We have a parent domain (1)
3 Child domains (2), (3), (4)

I am trying to organise my DNS suffix search order so that from any domain, when I ping a device it actually responds with it's correct suffix.

Now this seems to work for the most part when I put (1) at the bottom of the list, this seems to assume if the device being pinged cannot match any other the other domain suffixes that it must be in the parent.

As an example, I put the search order in for the domains as

Domain (2) = (2), (3), (4), (1)
Domain (3) = (3), (2), (4), (1)
Domain (4) = (4), (2), (3), (1)

If you put the parent domain (1) any further up the list then everything replies as if it is in the parent domain, assuming because the parent can resolve all child objects. So more then happy for this to stay last in the search list.......however.

My issue is with Domain (4). If I put this anywhere in the list except the bottom, then it takes presedence over everything below it......

Take the above example again

Domain (2) = (2), (3), (4), (1)

In this example when I ping a server in the parent domain (1) it replies as if it is in domain (4). Domain (2) and (3) work correctly at this stage.

As soom as I start to move domain (4) further up the list, it then takes presedence over other domains.

In this example

Domain (4) = (4), (2), (3), (1)

All objects in the entire forest reply with domain (4) suffix.

If I put (4) at the bottom of the list everything (except domain (4) work fine).

To recap (4) is a child domain :-s

I hope this makes sense to someone? :-s

Here is hoping someone can help