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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, RD Web Access in Technical; Hi guys Need a little help here please Our Citrix server buggered up, was on Server 2003 R2. So I ...
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    RD Web Access

    Hi guys

    Need a little help here please

    Our Citrix server buggered up, was on Server 2003 R2. So I decided to install Server 2008 R2 and use the Standard Window Remote Desktop Server.

    So I have all the roles installed expect the Virtual Desktop Role

    When I logon onto the RD Web Access externally, it doesn't seem to find/connect to the server (RD1SERVER) from the Remote Desktop page

    Any ideas why this is happening? It worked with the externall ip address (havent got a dns name running, does that matter?) from inside the school eariler

    Error that come up is:

    Remote Desktop can't find the computer "RD1SERVER". This might mean that "RD1SERVER" does not belong to the specified network. Verify the computer name and domain that you are trying to connect to.


    Ok I have now manged to connect to the server, It seems I cant use the name of the server or even the internal ip adress, I have to use the external ip address!

    How can I make this use the actual name of the server?

    And how can I make it so the name of the server is pre written down? and also make it so the user doesnt have to type in their user name and password again to connect to the server, has they have logged in already to the web interface


    Ok another problem, I have enable windows aero, but it doesn't fully work. It works via the normal remote desktop program externally tested.

    But its when I use the web interface to logon, even if I select all the options, aero doesnt work or I cant enable it

    Also even when I logon via the program way, on the theme settings it says 'one or more themes have been disabled by remote desktop connection settings' anything to do with it?


    I have installed Office 2010 on the server to test the remote apps feature, but same problem again, it cant find the computer

    So how can we get the actual server name to work instead of the ip address?
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    So how can we get the actual server name to work instead of the ip address?
    internally use DNS... you'll need to set the computers to point at the IP address everytime you type in the server name - i'm guessing this is externally? that might need some extra work with domain records...
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