hello all, im new here and not sure whether this is the right section to post this .. if not then i apologize..

HEEEELLLPP!! please!

my company has asked me to setup a sandbox environment for the developers.. the main objective of this is to secure the transportation of code.

so the scenario is something like this.. users remote desktop into a server running 2008 R2 with their user accounts, where they will have access to development programs along side a shared drive which will be mapped to a shared folder on a linux server running LAMP (linux, apache, mysql and php)

the users are only to be able to save and read files from the shared drive/folder ..

things i need done:

  • Restrict users from installing applications on their own
  • save files only to the shared drive and not the local drives
  • the users cannot copy files or text out of the remote desktop session
  • disable internet browsers and other programs which would allow them to move the code out of the remote session

i know these maybe kind of vague requirements, but im really struggling with these .. please help

thank you