Im implementing a couple of terminal server/rdp (call them what you will) at schools (atm just using the 120 day trial to test if its worth going forward with) ive managed to create mandatory profiles (one servers 2008 the other is r2 (granted ive just copied the default profile but there is 0 chance of me sysprepping a server to create a profile and whichever bleep @ ms thought that idea up needs to be taken out back and shot). But when i try to apply it to multiple users i cant and i really dont want to have to manually assign it to all several hundred users

from the suggested list ive found this

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You do realise you can just set this profile path for all users in Group Policy that is applied to the TS server in question?

Computer Config >Admin Temp > Windows Components > Terminal Services > Set path for TS Roaming Profiles.

Thats how I apply the profile path to all our students.
now if i do that can i filter it by user groups so staff get one mandatory profile and pupils another? I presume not as i would be filtering a pc policy by a user

another option i suppose is to just let them have local profile as everything is set up on a redirect apart from the start menu anyway

all useful suggestions welcome