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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Rename DC in Technical; Hi all I have just replaced a win2000 sever with a win 2008 box. Everything has been transfered/replicated. The new ...
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    Rename DC

    Hi all

    I have just replaced a win2000 sever with a win 2008 box. Everything has been transfered/replicated. The new box is working fine. Now I wanted to rename the new box with the same name as the old win2000 dc. The reason for this was that a lot of the gpo's and apps referred to the old box i.e unc paths \\oldserver\apps\ etc. Now I have renamed the win 2008 box but acitive directory has cocked up.

    The dns has updated with the new server name. But is there any way of renaming a dc without messing up active directory?

    Thanks all

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    In short, no :-)

    The longer answer is that you don't rename it as a DC - you dcpromo it to a standalone server, wait a bit for replication to take place, rename it, wait a bit again and then dcpromo back to a DC.

    An alternative is to just give it a DNS alias (so the actual name of the server is NewServer but you have a DNS alias which says it's called OldServer). If you do that then remember to disable strictnamechecking (Connecting to SMB share on a Windows 2000-based computer or a Windows Server 2003-based computer may not work with an alias name - I'm sure I did this yesterday!)

    The final alternative (but it's too late now) is to never use server names for critical shares but to setup DFS. You then get things like \\<domain>\softwareinstall rather than \\<server>\softwareinstall and when the server changes you just update DFS and clients magically find the new server.

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