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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Do we really need products like RM Connect or CSE ? in Technical; I'll bet this question has been asked before. Yes it has. Can you say "flamebait". I know you didn't mean ...
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    I'll bet this question has been asked before.
    Yes it has. Can you say "flamebait". I know you didn't mean it to be that, but that's what it is.

    My tuppence worth: No, your employer might not need it. No my employer might not need it. But some do. In some cases it's a valid choice, I reckon. Different solutions fit different situations.

    I think if something like, say, CC4 does exactly what a school wants, they can afford it, and they want something that requires (relatively) little low level setting up and so-on then it might be a good choice. Otherwise, go elsewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart_C View Post
    Running a vanillia netowrk here the only thing I really feel that I lack here is the ability to package up programs without MSI files and deploy them (though I've just decided to start looking into that again).
    Hi Stuart,

    I have just replied to another post about software deployment.

    Please look at Suggestions for new deployment software

    Hope this helps

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    ::screams again::
    ::feels an infinitesimal bit better::

    Calling anything "vanilla" is a nonsense in any kind of comparison because they are all different. From that unequivocal position it very easily follows than any assertions about relative difficulty or relative management effort are also a complete crock.

    You all ought to know better.

    Vanilla systems have as many problems if not more than RM systems
    It is possible to make a DIY system with the same kind of attention to (useful) detail that is better, has far fewer problems, is as easy or easier to manage, than RM's.

    [Offhand I can think of less than 10 posters on here who judged on cluefulness in arcane areas have almost certainly done that, the rest I'm not sure about.]
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    Personally I think that the management over heads are the same for a running vanilla network and a managed network. I worked in a CC3 school and a lot of problems we had to wait for RM to get back to us with solutions. I find the RMMC management interface as easy to use with GPO's/AD if not easiler and I know what is going on it also can be more granular. Also the way that RM deploy server in the CC3/4 system is strange they don't have seem to split server in to domain controllers, file severs and application server all servers do a bit of everything.

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    We have here CC3 network, and we just asked RM how much would it be to move to CC4. It wasn't cheap, as we would have to have RM engineers on site, upgrade licenses for around 300 PCs and so on. And we would like to move to Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server. As we can't afford the move to CC4 we can either stay with cc3 or go to Vanilla network.

    Yes RM makes it easy, you can have support etc. But some thing are fiddly, very often the package builder does not work properly, and you have to create just normal MSI like you would on vanilla. Windows update are limited by RM, and they are not really quick with releasing them. As I already have licenses for Windows 7 and WIN2k8 I think I will be mowing next summer to vanilla.
    We will probably ask for help from our neighbourhood school (as they run vanilla ans swear by it) and we will move.
    Support contract will save us nearly 5k per year and we will save on CC3 license with any additional PC. I know that none of school network is vanilla, as every school use lots of none MS tools, scripts etc. But in my opinion you get more freedom on Vanilla. Time consuming? Maybe more but at the moment we are struggling with corrupted profile problem (as on cc3 every pupil has own profile), RM claims that this is normal.

    So will see how it goes next year. Already I tweak few things in GPOs, strated exchange without RM help and it seems to work well - so I think I will be able to manage that, but time will tell.

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