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yer its on a DFS setup, im sure its on the right share and security settings

Does it matter if the folder is the in the dfs root folder? cause its not, it was working fine when I moved it to the temp location on a different server, while I upgraded the server. That was in the dfs root folder, now its now, back on the normal server that hosts the files.

Redirection is correctlly set on the users, hense users get there work (those ones that still have there work)
So long as the permissions are all set correctly and the same across the various DFS shares, it shouldn't be an issue. Obviously, the DFS Root will have the right shares in place, but if people aren't able to write / read correctly, then when their files try to synchronise across they might not happen. In my head, this should mean that they just stay in one place and aren't available for load balancing purposes, however, it would appear the default is to take the folder with the lesser share permission and use that as the one that it synchronises, therefore, if the folder is empty ...

Just worth checking permissions across them all to make sure that the security and shares are as you want and need them to be.