We have implemented a 2008R2 clusted print server, well the cluster isnt working at the minute but that is a seperate issue. We have installed and shared the printer out ok, managed to deploy the printer using a GPO and PushPrinterConnections.exe, all good so far. I have setup the defaults on the printer (took a while to work that one out!!), i.e. duplex, eco mode etc etc.

I think I have everything setup how it should be. We have a Kyocera KM 8030-KX, we want to use PIN management but it appears to be a per user setting, not a problem just show ever user how to do it.

I just want to make sure there is nothing I have missed, they have gone down the cheap route on this one and basically want all printers out and just the two MFP's which I am quite happy about, just wish they would spend a little cash and get some management software for it.

Print servers are quite a new thing for us as all machines used to be connected via TCP/IP locally. Want to make sure we get this right first time if we can