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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, hyper v server 2008 r2 and ups in Technical; Originally Posted by ChrisMiles Just thought I'd point out that you don't have to run 2008 r2 core to run ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisMiles View Post
    Just thought I'd point out that you don't have to run 2008 r2 core to run hyper-v, it works perfectly fine on the full install. Also as has been said, hyper-v can control what happens to the virtual servers when it attempts to shut down.

    Also, using hyper-v, I'd strongly recommend having at least one physical DC.
    i do run hyperv on full installs normally at the time i started this i was playing round with core and decided it wasnt worth it for the sake of a bit of hard drive and memory. Its an unusual site i go to that has multiple pcs physical or virtual its all single server sites though i am trying to spread the load where appropriate with hyper v but still there is still usually only 1 dc and often as not thats the base os and any vm is an o pants the printers dont like server 08r2 or some piece of software that after being in a cupboard for years is suddely invaluable or xp/win7 package creation/testing. Where hyper v has been planned in from day 1 there is usually a base 08r2 doing naff all, a dc/fileserver/filedump/printserver then a separate admin server and if needed a ts or other and usually an xp and win7 vm for package creation/testing

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    Just an update to this thread, APC has now released a new version that works with Hyper-V and Hyper-V on server core for free: APC PowerChute Network Shutdown v3 - Free Support for Hyper-V &ESXi

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