Right I need some help I think with this I've added an entry to DNS to allow me to connect internally to the remote desktop gateway server without touching the ISA box at all. I'm using my wildcard SSL, however connecting internally using the internal name will then bring up the certificate name error.

I'll try and give some examples to make this a little clearer:

E.G. remotelab.ourschool.ourcounty.sch.uk is the address we wish to use externally our wildcard ssl is *.ourschool.ourcounty.sch.uk setup the publishing rules in ISA to use this wildcard the servers FQDN is rdgateway.ourschool.internal the wildcard is setup in IIS7 however the wildcard doesn't correspond to the internal server fqdn what do I need to do to fix this I don't want another SSL cert if I can help it as we bought the wildcard so we wouldn't have to, I need to look at this for our exchange box as well (This is using a self signed cert at present)

Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.