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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Remote desktop setup for external access in Technical; I have a test set up internally using the web access which has a few programmes installed as well as ...
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    Remote desktop setup for external access

    I have a test set up internally using the web access which has a few programmes installed as well as a dektop pool using three VM's on a hyper-v box. All works very well internally, but I am not able to get my head around using this externally.

    I can publish the web access site, but this of course points to internal names. Will I have to skip the web access site and just give an address of a gateway server to put into mstsc from home?

    Any advice or help is appreciated

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    We have the old 2003 ts running through a vpn for staff but im keen to try the new 2008 kit

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    I use Isa server 2006 to publish the site externally. We have the RD Web access and Gateway Published through Isa enabling staff to access sims.net through a secure website.

    I must say Server 2008 R2 is very very nice. When running software through the gateway it appears that the software runs locally on your computer and If you are using windows 7 at home you can dish out packages that will sit in the users start menu and will automatically setup the secure connection and open the software.... did I say it appears that it runs locally? Gone are my VPN days. and the CALs wasnt that expensive either for a 100.

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    I've done it with 2008 but not R2 yet.... you need a TS gateway, and within that (managment snappin) you can create Applications to publish and Make the RDP files, but your essentially right you use the internal name of the server but tell it to connect via a TS Gateway, which will have a real name/ip like tsgateway.myschool.region.sch.uk

    On the gateway you only need to open up 80 and 443 as its HTTP/S based

    AS long as you setup the RAP and CAP then you can connect as required to any internal TS server or your desktop even if you have Remote Desktop turned on!

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