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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Webdav in R2 in Technical; I am struggling with setting up Webdav on a server that points to a share on another server via a ...
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    Webdav in R2

    I am struggling with setting up Webdav on a server that points to a share on another server via a UNC. I set this up in Windows 2003 but I can't work out the permissions in IIS7... its so much different and I hate it (:

    Anyone else got this owrking that can point me in the directions of the correct settings please, I have followed the stuff on IIS.NET and a few other sites and the webdav is working fine locally.

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    I have been attempting to get things working with IIS7 and now IIS7.5 for a while now with WebDav, and haven't really been coming out on top.

    I found this link which seems to cover what I want, but issues still follow (like it not working, lol) IIS7 WEBDAV and UNC PATH to Windows File Servers : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

    But maybe it will help you, I will feel better when ours does

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