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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, exchange 2010 installation issue in Technical; Originally Posted by RabbieBurns I managed to resolve my issue.. I only have one static IP, and run apache on ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RabbieBurns View Post
    I managed to resolve my issue.. I only have one static IP, and run apache on a linux box for port 80 which NAT points to. So I was trying to change the IIS default port from 80 to something else. Exchange didnt like that at all. However, I realised that as Exchange is on https, which is port 443, and Im not using that elsewhere, I could forward 443 to the exchange box. And leave IIS on the exchange box running on 80.

    So now http://mydomain.com goes to port 80 on the linux box, and https://mydomain.com goes to the exchange. And now OWA works.

    So to summarize, It seems Exchange NEEDS IIS to be on port 80 for it to work.

    Anyway, got a new problem now :P

    Doesnt seem to be sending mails.

    Also, is there a way to login to OWA without having to specify Domain\Username and just login with Username ?
    exchange mmc

    Microsoft Exchange OWA 2007 | Outlook Web Access

    Quote Originally Posted by computerperformance website
    How to Configure OWA for Forms-based Authentication

    By default, forms-based authentication is enabled in Exchange 2007. This is how to check the configuration:

    Launch the Exchange Management Console.
    Open the properties of owa (Default Web Site) on the Outlook Web Access tab.
    Set the type of logon prompt. The emphasis on 'Prompt', users can ignore your suggestion if they know any of the other methods. Here are the choices of prompts for forms-based authentication: FullDomain (cp\guy) , PrincipalName (guy@cp.com), or plain UserName (guy).
    Reset IIS as recommended in the warning message.
    If necessary, you can adjust the format by configuring the Active Directory directory service and Internet Information Services (IIS). If you do use Active Directory and IIS to set which user name formats users can enter, this is independent of the above OWA forms-based authentication prompt.
    I know that is for 2007 but should give you a rough guide hopefully

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