right i set up a server 2003 r2 hyper v on my 2008 r2 server (long story short poo abacus software that cant handle x64 or 2008/vista etc) i had it all working quite happily on friday given it the servers 2nd nic so it has full access to the main network even managed to deploy an msi to a pc to test worked fine. Now it isnt connecting to the external network i can get at it via hyper v console but once logged in i cant ping real pcs. I have removed its static ip and set to dhcp for now (as its a quick test for connection) and it wont pick up an ip but says its connected to a network at 10gb i thought hypervs were only 10 or max 100mb lan? I personally have not been back to site but have remoted in and everything looks ok and people who have swear nothing has changed except they have moved the server but both nics are connected (and as far as i can tell they are) now all i can think is they have plugged nic 2 into either a cable that goes to another pc or a switch somewhere that dosent go to the main network.

Any ideas as other than that im stumped and as far as i know all switches are wired in right. Is there any way of testing the 2nd nics connecteon as hyper v takes all the ip properties away so i cant even try to ping it.