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+1 for MS DPM, we have 2007 here just installed this summer and its so cheap it made licensing symantecs latest version a joke at £1000's
It does need to be proded now and then but generally its ace and it also supports the "Previous Versions" tab that XP+ has remotly allowing a simple way for staff to restore stuff fairly instantly. Its continuous backups so you dont really have a backup window to worry about either. All round good and now we have agent lics for all our servers since its so cheap. BE meant we had to do backups from some servers to a BE backed up server = mess...
Hi ZeroHour,

I noticed your post on data protection manager and am quite interested on using it? I'm sure i'll figure out the setup, i'm a bit confused by the licensing as I see your using it maybe your could clarify for me, I'll send you a virtual pint

I have two Storage servers currently backing up to and about 13 vm's on ESX boxes. I'm don't really care about backing up esx, the only thing changed on the config is ip addres just the windows VM's.

So i need 2 server licenses and what about the "agents" for the vm's? Are the agents for exchange / sharepoint / sql extra?

Any gotchas' otherwise?