I have R2 running on a ML110 server with a couple of VM's and nothing else on it but its driving me crazy.

I stuck 4Gb in and have 1.5Gb given to each VM... ones running 2008 with my AV on it and the other is running 2003 with an IIS helpdesk and WSUS on it so I reckon it should just about be okay but its not playing nicely.

Firstly I cannot RDP into it, I've read a few items on the tinternet about this and most say its a graphic problem but I haven't figured it out yet so I am having to physically sit at the machine... how 1990's. Also it takes an age to wake up so I can log on... sometimes 5 minutes.
Now the thing won't reboot as its trying to shut down one of the VM's which is stuck.
Oh and I can't get it registered, its saying the network is not identified but it will go on the internet

The VM's when they work are brilliant, they work a treat but the server is doing my head in.

I did want to move my printers onto the VM next as my main server is throwing up spooler problems all the time but I only have 2 days left before the evaluation stops.