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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Head's laptop and user accounts in Technical; Hi all, At the moment, the head logs on using her network logon and also uses this when at home. ...
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    Head's laptop and user accounts

    Hi all, At the moment, the head logs on using her network logon and also uses this when at home. However, we have had issues when after school holiday periods the laptop wipes itself of the profile and data is lost.

    How do you configure laptops for staff/SMT as a network logon is required for CMIS etc. I don't really want to confuse things by creating a home local logon and a network logon

    Any help appreciated.

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    We use mandatory profiles here and around one month of not being connected to the network the profile refuses to load. However we use this to our advantage and say that the laptop must be brought on site to receive updates etc anyway.

    Basically, bring it on site, even into the car park if school is shut (Obviously a decent wireless solution needed) and log in.

    I should add, no data it stored on the laptops. We use Home Access Plus and RD Gateway for remote access.

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    I use roaming profiles with folder redirection for our staff laptops and never get this. Users are able to login even if they don't come in during the summer hols... I'd check your GPOs.

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