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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Newby policy / WDS question in Technical; Hi, I have setup a Domain server (DHCP/AD/ WDS ) the goal i want to achieve is the following : ...
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    Question Newby policy / WDS question


    I have setup a Domain server (DHCP/AD/WDS) the goal i want to achieve is the following :

    I work for a company that sells IT hardware to other companies and they would like to provide custom pre-installs.
    So all settings done to a workstation need to be active on the workstation when they are removed from my lab domain.

    1 : I want to be able to role out images / do changes to the image and capture it to role out on multiple workstations.

    for example : I need to change the wallpaper on 50 workstations (how can I do this on workstation base), because if I do it on user it will not work anymore when the
    workstation leaves our domain and is installed at customer. How can I do this.

    2 : We deliver an empty workstation to customer, they install it and perform the settings they want.
    Then return the workstation to us and I capture it and role it out on all ordered workstations.
    How can I do this without losing user settings (meaning that the same settings are in place for all users that login)

    I am fairly new to wds ( I can capture / deploy images / but I struggle with some settings that end up being user specific to get this in place for all users ).
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    You probably want to look at copy profile with a standalone wds server. As your image will be used in multiple domains a domain neutral image is what you'll want. I would also go for MDT using the delay script. If you want to do lots of manual changes that are not registry changes or file changes. Copy profile works by you customising the local admin profile when capturing. The local admin profile then becomes the default profile.
    Hopes this helps. Johan Aardwick has some decent blogs about this. Just be aware not all settings are carried over. E.g if you delete the default ie favourites they come back for a new user.

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