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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Start Menu GPO in Technical; Hi All, As it's that time of the year for re-imaging, we have came across an issue. We currently use ...
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    Cool Start Menu GPO

    Hi All,

    As it's that time of the year for re-imaging, we have came across an issue. We currently use a start menu redirect for students, which works fine and we are happy with. However, i want to create staff a base start menu, which they all will see. However, some staff need extra software installing, for example our finance department, and this is not on the image.

    When i set a start menu re direct for staff, who have extra software installed, they cannot see the extra installed software - just the base software which is in the re-direct.

    Is there any way i can make staff have a base start menu, as well as allow then to view installed programs? (So we don't have to end up having to add the installed shortcut to the re-direct, as this would show on all staffs PCs).

    Many thanks & Happy Summer!


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    I redirect start menus to a folder on the local hard drive, that way each machine will show only the software installed on it.

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    I don't redirect the start menu because of this reason and use the local start menu from the computer. You can use gpp to remove unwanted shortcuts or add ones

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