I'm new System Admin. for Mid-sized company and I've been tasked to redirect all Firefox and Chrome profiles to the users' home directories. We are talking over 100+ users and their existing bookmarks, etc. The task seems straight forward for Chrome (although I haven't tried yet) but I'm having some issues with completing this task with Firefox. I'm trying to gather the information and see if I can be the test dummy to see if it works. Currently all users have standard Firefox installed on their PC and so updates must be done manually on each PC. I want to roll-out Frontmotions but want to test it first, but no testing environment at this time. Does anyone know if Frontmotion will redirect users' profile to their home directories? Will it do so with the existing profiles or will it create a new one?

Moreso, how can I redirect FF profiles to the home directories especially those that are already existing? I know Firefox already stores the profiles at %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox but how can I relocate it either through GPO, script, or batch files?

*Please note: I have no experiencing writing scripts or batch files but if guided I'm sure I can do it. Thanks for all your help.