Enviroment: Windows Server 2008 R2 sat in VMWare
Error: object invoked disconnected from its clients at login
Error Events: none

We have had a slight issue with our school main database server in which if i tried to login from VMWare console i received
the error 'object invoked disconnected from its clients' and if i tried to login remotely the RDC disappeared from screen after
taking credentials happily. The server was functioning fine network access to shares, SQl woring well, just not letting access.
No errors or even warning events appeared in log.

Found very little help on the web for this issue. Most articles spoke of vbscripting with excel, not helpful

Solution seems to be the oldest one in the book, will monitor to see if it stays solved.
Problem cleared after reboot. Easier said than done during reporting season.

Similar problem mentioned by member duxbuz in this thread.

object invoked disconnected from its clients