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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Printer Deployment Issues in Technical; Are you installing any 32bit drivers onto the server by using the Print Management admin tool from a workstation? I've ...
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    Are you installing any 32bit drivers onto the server by using the Print Management admin tool from a workstation? I've had trouble installing some 32bit drivers directly on to a 64bit server.

    Quote Originally Posted by smacrory1980 View Post
    I get the same issue using a script as well! If sharing printers from server 2008R2 to windows 7 machines would you install the server 2008r2 version of the driver or the windows 7 version? I've installed the server version, but just double checking everything.

    I will try the registry fix.
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    Somewhere on here is a thread which lists a number of Microsoft hotfixes/updates that deal with problems with printers. I can't remember where it is but will have a nosey.

    We had many issues with this for a long time. In the end I went with logon scripts (VB) that take the form of:

    Option Explicit
    Dim WshNetwork
    on error resume next
    Set WshNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
    WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\Printserver\Printer"
    WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\Printserver\Printer2"
    WshNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\Printserver\Printer"
    I also use a program called adprintx.exe with a "/f" switch at logoff which forces removal of networked printers. They just get re-added again at next logon.

    So far has been working great (since Feb this year)

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    MicrosoftFixitPrinterSpool50984.msi seems to have done the job. I've run it on 6 machines when the fault showed, rebooted and all the printers are there.

    Thanks everyone for your assistance

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    ive found if point n print is in default state (ie not configured) it can stoip printers i always turn it onand set it to


    users can only print to print machines in their forest

    do not show warning

    do not show warning

    otherwise i cant remember the last time i got a signed copier driver and it can cause issues

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