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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Client Saving Locations in Technical; Hello, so I want to slowly begin to implement the ability to save to 'My Documents' and it saves in ...
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    Question Client Saving Locations

    Hello, so I want to slowly begin to implement the ability to save to 'My Documents' and it saves in a users' server provision.

    So currently, they have to go to 'Computer','H:\%pathtotheirarea%\' and they save in there.
    What is the easiest method of mapping 'My Documents' to their 'H:\' drive?

    However, we all know teachers love to save on their desktop.
    Is there a way of making the desktop have a server folder and be backed up? But WITHOUT including the recycle bin. That way, storage shouldn't be used up AS quickly.

    Thanks! :-)

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    For documents and desktop you want to start looking at Group Policy Folder Redireciton. So that these folders are redirected into the home area of the user. But i don't think you can specify folders to not be redirected such as the recycle bin

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    I used group policy, and disabled the ability to save on their desktop. At first they hated it (and me), but when their HDD dies and I can get the data back they seem to become quite thankful.

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