Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble getting a new group policy object (for Google Chrome, using their provided ADMX file if that makes a difference) to apply. In an attempt to troubleshoot what's going on I've run the Group Policy Modelling wizard from Group Policy Management against a classroom workstation and a student user account. Once the report has run, rather worryingly it tells me that "The following GPOs have special alerts" and then lists what looks to be the majority of policies applied with the alert "Inaccessible, Empty or Disabled". The new GPO in question is a user only policy, however the alert is displayed for both computer and user GPOs.

The environment is as follows:
Two DCs, both Server 2008 R2
Clients are Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit

Can anyone shed some light on this? The wording of the alert suggests that the policies aren't applying at all, but I know for a fact that all but the new one are.

If I run GPRESULT /R on the physical machine as the student user account, in the "Users Settings" section I see some interesting anomalies, one being that it claims to have applied the Group Policy from a server for a domain which hasn't existed for at least 3 years or so and isn't actually still around, the DNS zone, let-alone server entry doesn't even exist for that old domain!

Thanks in advance,