I tried to reboot a VM today and it is stuck on stopping state (all shut down and turn off options all greyed out) it is in a 3 node Hyper V cluster, other machine on that host shuts down and reboots ok, looking at settings on the problmatic machine indicates under BIOS:

The WMI object contained an invalid value in property BIOSNumLock.

When I googled directions on forcing a VM offline (i.e. find vmwp and kill it), I can't find vmwp corresponding to that GUID, is as if as far as Hyper V is concerned it's off . The VM's WMI object has a PID that also doesn't exist under task manager, and none of the vmwp processes have this machine's GUID.

So, how do I trick Hyper-V into seeing that the machine is offline, so can reboot? Otherwise I'll reboot the host

Thanks as always